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Low Libido In Winter?

09 November, 2023

Winter is here and with ‘cuffing season' in full swing, many of us are looking to find that special someone to see us through the cold winter nights. But the drop in temperatures can cause your sex drive to take a dip, too. If the weather is making you feel a little frosty, don't worry, as low libido in winter is more common than you may think. So why does the cold weather affect us in this way, and what can we do to get us back in the mood? Let's find out. 

The exact cause of a low libido is a little complicated to tie down. From stress, to hormonal changes to relationship issues, many factors can cause you to lose your sex desire, and the winter weather plays a factor, too. 

While summer lovin' happens so fast, it can seem like more of an uphill struggle when winter arrives. In the summer, hot, balmy nights - and far less clothing - make us feel much more amorous. In contrast, winter means bundling up in thick jumpers and warm scarves, which may not make you feel your sexiest. But there is even more to this, as low libido in winter has a lot to do with your hormones. 

The Winter Blues 

If you are failing to get frisky, then it could be down to lacking the D - vitamin D, that is.  A decrease in sunshine in the winter months causes your vitamin D levels to decline, and this can affect your libido in more ways than one. 

Low levels of vitamin D are linked to a lower mood, which in turn affects your sex drive. Studies show that vitamin D deficiency has been linked to people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as winter depression. SAD affects around 1 in 3 people in the UK, with symptoms including depression, fatigue and sleep problems, which all play a part in killing your sex drive. A study found that vitamin D boosted women's sex drive, and lack of vitamin D has even been found to cause erectile dysfunction in men

A Drop in Your Sex Hormones 

Vitamin D also plays a role in testosterone levels, which is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy libido for not only men but women too. Testosterone levels peak in autumn and gradually start to decline, reaching their lowest in the summer months. These fluctuations in your hormones can have a knock-on effect on your libido, and you may notice that your sex drive starts to drop off from its autumn peak as you move into winter. 

Much like testosterone, estrogen affects your sex drive with low levels contributing to a loss of libido in women. Estrogen is highest in summer and lowest in winter. Not only this, low estrogen can lead to a low mood and disrupted sleep, factors that don't exactly set the mood to get down and dirty. 

Too Tired to Get Turned On 

In the winter months, the effort to keep warm means we burn more energy, causing us to feel more tired than in the warmer months. For many of us, during winter, we are more concerned with a good night's rest than staying up late and getting busy. Additionally, the cold weather can affect how we look and feel, with dry winter skin, lack of suntan and less rigorous shaving routine making us much less likely to want to get our kit off. 

But It's Not All Doom and Gloom

According to statistics more babies are conceived on December 11th than at any other time of the year, and one study found that women are in fact found more attractive by the opposite sex during winter. Plus, if you are experiencing a low libido there are many ways to give it a boost, including following a healthy diet, getting more exercise and using hormone replacement therapy.

For women, a decline in sexual desire can be a frustrating and worrying change. But it’s essential that you remember your libido naturally goes through ups and downs, and choosing a cosy night in over some night-time fun is perfectly fine. If you are going through a stage of low libido, try not to stress as this too, is a giant mood killer. Instead of longing for your 'hot girl summer', embrace a 'cold girl winter'. Relax, wrap up warm and enjoy some me time. 

Of course, if you would like help in getting your sex drive back on track or if your low libido is negatively impacting you, then help is on hand. Our low-dose bioidentical testosterone cream and testosterone plus cream both work wonders in helping women of all ages increase their libido and get back to feeling their best. They work by topping up your depleted testosterone levels, improving your overall energy, mood and of course, libido. 

So, If you are experiencing a low libido in winter and want to get back to a friskier you can start an online consultation with us now.

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