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Hormone Hacks - Yay Or Nay? We Explore

16 January, 2024

It's 2024 and who doesn't love a handy hormone hack? But with the countless amount of tips, tricks and online advice (from sometimes very questionable sources) it may be hard to determine health fact from fiction. So before you jump on the TikTok trend bandwagon, let's take a closer look at some of the most popular hormone hacks filling up your social media feeds at this very moment. 

What are hormone hacks?

Before we dive into our list you may be wondering exactly what we mean by hormone hacks, let us explain. Hormone hacks can be found all over the internet, some good and some bad. In essence they are clever ways to improve your hormonal health by ‘hacking’ your body with simple lifestyle changes. This can be anything from changing your diet to trying out a new exercise technique. But with so many hacks out there it can be hard to know which ones actually work, so here is our expert verdict. 


Raw Carrot Salad

The first on our list of hormone hacks is a raw carrot salad. This is the recipe of the moment hailed by influencers and nutritionists alike for its hormonal balancing properties. Delicious, nutritious and it may even help you see in the dark, but does a raw carrot salad help with your hormones? 

Answer: YAY!

Estrogen dominance (when too much estrogen is being produced in the body) is a common hormonal imbalance in women. This imbalance causes a range of problems from a loss of libido to exacerbating your PMS. That's right, bloating, cramping, mood swings and more, all the fun stuff us women have to deal with. But carrots actually contain a unique fibre that binds to excess estrogen in the intestine, helping to eliminate it from the body and rebalance your hormones. Not too shabby for a vegetable eh? 

Super low calories diets 

It's a new year and the diet advice from (usually self-proclaimed) online nutritionists is coming in thick and fast. Many are touting highly restrictive diets as the way to stop your blood sugar spiking, keeping your insulin levels balanced and helping you to shed those post Christmas pounds. So will a low calorie diet fix your hormonal issues? 

Answer: NAY! 

Following a health balanced diet and avoiding high calorie junk food will no doubt help your hormones. But starving yourself in order to get the body and hormonal health you crave should be left in 2023.  In fact, a low calorie diet can be detrimental to your hormonal health in so many ways. Restricting your calories too much, means that you are probably missing out on the daily nutrients you need to keep your hormones happy. 

We all know that a super strict diet is not sustainable over the long term. After depriving yourself for so long, you are likely to eventually give in and binge on the food you have been missing (did someone say ice cream and chocolate buttons?). This in turn means all you end up doing is eating more calories than you ordinarily would.

Excess weight does lead to hormonal imbalances, but so too can being underweight. Having too low a BMI can interfere with your menstrual cycle and cause fertility issues. So forget about the low calorie diet and look to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good on the inside and out. 

Getting rid of your plastic bottles 

Many of us have chosen to swap out single use plastic bottles for reusable alternatives. Although this is a big win for the environment, there is now a new viral move to ditch the plastic bottles altogether (reusable or not). We all know it's bad for the planet but should you get rid of your plastic bottles for the sake of your health?

Answer: YAY! 

Many single use and reusable plastic bottles on the market today contain the chemical BPA. Over time these chemicals seep out, contaminating whatever is contained inside. This is particularly dangerous for women as BPA mimics the hormone estrogen and has been linked to PCOS and fertility issues

So, save the planet and your hormones. Put down the plastic and opt for more hormone friendly materials like metal or glass when you next fill up. 

Having a gluten free diet 

Many health conscious influencers have hailed the magic of a gluten free diet, linking it to a number of health benefits such as weight loss, reducing bloating, restoring your hormonal health and just all round feeling better within yourself. But does it really help balance your hormones? 

Answer: YAY and NAY 

This is a tricky one as following this advice depends on whether you have a gluten sensitivity or not. Studies have shown that gluten can be a hormone disruptor but this is mostly with people who have a sensitivity to gluten or celiac disease. For these people, following a gluten free diet will no doubt have many benefits to your hormone health.  

However, if you are not gluten sensitive, don't worry, you don't have to give up the pasta and pizza just yet. Similar to super low calorie diets, too much restriction may be counter productive to your hormone health. So make sure to follow a balanced diet and cut down on the gluten if you do have an intolerance. 

Taking apple cider vinegar before meals

Apple cider vinegar has been a staple of the wellness community for years. From improving digestion to helping regulate blood sugar. But how does it help with your hormones and does it work best when taken before meals? 

Answer: YAY!

Apple cider vinegar helps the good bacteria estrobolome in your gut to thrive. Estrobolome’s job is to mop up excess estrogen within the body so your hormones stay in balance. Plus, taking apple cider vinegar before meals enables it to be digested quicker giving you a bigger boost of its hormone helping benefits.

Magnesium supplements for sleep 

If you haven't heard about magnesium supplements then are you even on the internet? They are the new viral craze for improving your sleep. But do these supplements really work or are they just another online fad? 

Answer: Possibly YAY??  

Magnesium works much in the same way as melatonin supplements in that they can help you get to sleep much faster and improve the overall quality of your shut eye. However, unlike melatonin which is a tried and tested solution to a better night’s kip, the research on magnesium is still in the early stages. 

Although the research may look promising, like with any online supplements, the lack of regulation can be an issue. The potency and dosage can vary greatly and is something we have previously spoken about with unregulated melatonin

So to avoid the speculation and try a more reliable solution. Our prescription-only bioidentical melatonin capsules are a safe and highly effective treatment to improve your sleep quality. Our melatonin is UK  regulated and made from only the purest GMP-standard ingredients for the highest quality melatonin on the market.

While there will always be a new viral hormone hack on the horizon it's important to remember to stay safe and listen to the healthcare professionals rather than influencers looking for likes. 

If you are experiencing issues with a hormonal imbalance then start an online consultation with us now. 

Whether you are having trouble sleeping, dealing with a low sex drive or are struggling with PMS we can help you alleviate your symptoms and get you back to feeling your best. 

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